Kelyfos* (κέλυφος) is the Greek word for the hard shell that encloses and protects the precious kernel of the pistachio nut. Our brand name reflects the way we at KELYFOS protect and nurture our pistachios.

We have been cultivating our pistachio trees for the last 40 years on land near the ancient city of Megara. These trees, planted by our ancestors and passed down from generation to generation, benefit from the unique microclimate and soil of this area and, with our care, produce pistachios with a distinctive aroma and full taste.

Over the years, we have learnt to appreciate the high quality and nutritional value of this natural treasure. This led to the development of advanced cultivation, harvesting and caring of pistachios, targeting the best quality before and after packaging. Our goal is to grow and share the unique quality of our pistachios, in an elegant end-product that will stimulate your taste buds.


In a nutshell, the best pistachio brought to you

At KELYFOS, our pistachio nuts are cultivated with respect for the environment and they are hand-picked only when they have reached full maturity, following our family tradition. We harvest the pistachios during the month of August and by the end of September they have all been vacuum-sealed so as to maintain their freshness and high quality.

Apart from our classic raw pistachio, we have roasted pistachios with pink pepper extract and fleur de sel, creating a superior snack with a special taste that delights delicate palates!

We have also developed a variety of spreads based on unique, Mediterranean recipes developed for KELYFOS, which retain the great nutritional value of the pistachio while offering a mouthwatering alternative to classic spreads.

Tree to table, KELYFOS brings you the goodness and incomparable taste of single origin, handpicked pistachios.


Tree to table, a traditional, contemporary superfood

Our pistachio is a superfood that contains a high percentage of protein, healthy fatty acids, plant sterols and fiber. It also contains plenty of minerals, antioxidants and vitamin B complex.

A handful of these pistachios provide 10% of your daily needs in proteins, fiber, magnesium, thiamine and phosphorus. Finally, they contain a high amount of potassium, more than any other type of nut; importantly, potassium promotes the decrease of the stress hormone, cortisol.

We roast our pistachio at a lower temperature and for less time that is the norm, in order to maintain more of these nutrients in the pistachio we offer you.

You can consume our raw pistachios as part of your healthy daily diet and our roasted form as a special tasty snack!

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